A Stirring New Year’s Celebration
Melting Pot Occasion


New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest, and most festive, nights of the year. But it can also be one of the most frustrating because there are so many options for the evening’s festivities. Instead of thinking about fun New Year’s ideas, like what resolution to make, you’re busy worrying about where to go and what to do. So we’d like to make things a little easier.

For a sure fire fun New Year’s idea, Stir things up at The Melting Pot for your next New Year’s party. It’s not just an incredible New Year’s dinner, it’s an unforgettable New Year’s celebration..

Celebrate this New Year's Eve at The Melting Pot!
This unique New Year’s idea will be the best one you have made yet! From a burst of joy after a bite of fondue, or a satisfied sigh after a sip of wine, to the simple sparkle of a smile, or a twinkle in an eye—there will surely be fireworks. Only instead of just watching them, you’ll be creating them. Celebrate this New Year’s dinner with taste and style. Fruit-infused specialty drinks. Champagne. Chocolate covered strawberries.

We have everything needed to take your New Year’s party from mild to wild in no time. And while you’ll have a blast celebrating the arrival of the New Year, you’ll be sad to see such a fun New Year’s party come to an end. But don’t worry. You can come back and do it all over again for next year’s New Year’s dinner.