A day to shower Mom with gratitude, affection and molten cheese fondue
Melting Pot Occasion

MOTHER'S DAY at the Melting Pot

Looking for something out of the ordinary to do for your mom this Mother's Day? Fondue can magically transform a typical Mother's Day into one Mom will always remember.

And, of course, chocolate fondue is also known as the perfect way to thank Mom for all she's done for you.

The Melting Pot is a favorite Mother's Day restaurant for many moms who want to escape their busy everyday routines and spend quality time with their families over a unique and interactive dining experience.

On Mother's Day at The Melting Pot, moms enjoy a leisurely-paced fondue dining experience that allows for plenty of quality family bonding time as families enjoy any combination of The Melting Pot's unique cheese fondues, salads, entrées and decadent chocolate dessert fondues. The menu also offers nutritious dippers like fruits and veggies, as well as meats and seafood, which make healthier eating something even kids can enjoy.

From the first bite of creamy cheese fondue to the dip of a luscious strawberry into warm chocolate, mom's heart is sure to be mush. After all, everything you do melts her heart. The burner just speeds up the process.

Some Melting Pot locations even extend the Mother's Day celebration with Mother's Week specials because one day a year for Mom just isn't enough! Specials vary by restaurant so contact your Melting Pot location for information and Mother's Day reservations. Ask about celebrations packages to impress Mom with extra special touches like flowers waiting for her at the table.

Every mom is the best mom in the world but show yours that she really is by surprising her with something she'll want to tell all her friends about this Mother's Day – a unique fondue dining experience creating memorable moments with those she loves most.