Turning birthday dinner party into a completely unforgettable one
Melting Pot Occasion

BIRTHDAY DINNERS at the Melting Pot

There are memorable birthday dinners and then there are completely unforgettable birthday dinners that you never stop talking about. The Melting Pot has a way of turning any regular birthday dinner party into a completely unforgettable one.

A birthday dinner is suddenly transformed into a birthday event. That’s the beauty of fondue. It makes for more interesting birthday events because it’s a truly interactive experience where everyone gets to participate and enjoy the food and the festivities. Add to that the fact that birthday cake’s got nothing on chocolate fondue—especially when you’re dipping everything from strawberries and marshmallows to pound cake and brownies in it.

Celebrate Your Birthday at The Melting Pot!
The Melting Pot even allows you to take your whole birthday dinner party around the culinary world one fondue pot at a time when you go for our special Big Night Out menus.

A birthday event at The Melting Pot is for birthday girls and boys of any age. Introduce your grandmother or grandfather to something they’ve never tried before or start a new tradition with your son or daughter. Stir things up for your next birthday dinner party with a trip to The Melting Pot.